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calls and yes, i have had that phone call. we don't recommend a brown bag. it is hazardous in the oven. >> paper next to the burner. >> it is it delicious. nbrandy what are you doing? i cocked the pizza in a box and it was fire central. >> it is it a gas stove. >> we'll have many more questions than answers. and nicole will be fielding them for you. friends at fox e-mail them. >> and why don't you put butter ball in the subject line so we sort those out. >> thank you. >> and last night 16 this morning balloons will fly high to mark the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we have a front row ticket. rick, how does it look living on the upper west side. and the night before it is a huge event and last night they blew up the balloons and this year there are three new balloons. and they retire and bring a new ones out. miss kitty is one of the new ones and you can so miss kitty under the netting. they blow them up and keep themurped control ask then they will tats and people will n to carry them. the big thing with the parades. how highway can they fly. if it is windy they have them
brown went to college campus to get support for this. he got it. >> california is in a financial mess and they raised taxes and passed proposition 30 that reallies taxes again. >>rian: now you will not do business there. >> california reelected president obama by a 20 point margin because they want a bailout. they think the second obama term will bail them out of their financial problemms. they are raising taxes leftt, right and and pushing businesses out of the state and they want a bailout and i think at point they will probably get >> brian: in terms of me doing the action thriller in california. i will turn it down. >> would you do life of brian two? >> brian: i am thinking about it >> we worship you oh, brian. >> brian: we'll have to see. see you stewart varney. >> my pleasure. >> brian: day one of the next four yearings. he died and went to heaven and now the neurosurgeon has the number one book in the country and answering your questions for crossing over for one full week. we'll have the answer. "fox and friends" right now x. 49 percent of the americans on government assistanc
brown skin, better yet. >> steve: so there is evidence that hamas is faking some of the images. but this is an image you're going to see on the front pages of a lot of american newspapers. it's on the cover of the daily news president new york post as well. hamas thugs execute israeli spies, as you can see, that is a man being dragged through the street. >> brian: evidently they shot six. they told them to lay flat on their face and shot them in the back and that guy was dragged already dead through the streets. then had they stopped the palestinians or the hamas people, went out and kicked and spit on his dead body. >> alisyn: hamas is claiming that they were spying for israel. again -- >> brian: i don't know if he had a chance to get a lawyer. >> alisyn: we don't know what the real story is during all of this chaos. let's get to your headlines. gunmen overnight assassinated benghazi's security chief. he was shot dead while returning from work apparently. right now it's unclear who exactly is behind the killing. violence has been escalating in benghazi since the terror on sept
could be good news for scott brown. >> brian: headlines and we'll talk some more. >> alisyn: folks news. plans to bomb military bases over seas. f.b.i. arresting four men from california. a 34 year old naturalized u.s. citizen reportedly traveled to afghanistan for terrorist in -- training in july. he served in the air force and believed he introduced others of the an war al-awlaki doctrine. and a blast that leveled two homes in indianapolis leaving two people can dead may have been a murder. it was thought a horrible accident. new details released last night suggest that the natural gas explosion may have been intentional. there are reports of a white van near the home the day of the explosion. police are not saying the motive or if there are suspects at this time. >> there is hope for hostess. a bankruptcy judge ordered the company and bakers union to agree to mediation before liquitation. the ceo said any deal to keep the company alive would have to be cost effective! >> it is it a lot of dingdongs and it is the cost structure and if you can't sell as a profit you are not in business
. and best upset. browns blast charl yethe steelers. 20-14. and eight turn overs over all . the steelers and since big ben went down are winless. and we like charlie batch. t i tell you what, pittsburg is not the sime without the quarterback. >> steve: meanwhile, we have 425 million reasons for you to get out of bed this morning. jackpot is increased to perhaps the largest amount in game history. 425 million dollars. and so how can you increase your odds of winning. >> i will pay special attention to the next guest. richard, author of learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery. joins us live from orlandie. what is the trick? it think i remember from speaking to you before. do you always speak the same numbers? >> yes. don't play quick picks and when you playy quick pick your odd united states are going to be at their worst . now when i give advice out. there is one thing that is misleading to the folks out there listen watching. i am talking about regular players versus casual players. itlly not mattering what you do. you are regular player. you buy quick picks and there i
every race that was expected to be close in massachusetts, elizabeth warren unseated senator scott brown. and democrats won several other close races in states that were thought to possibly swing in the presidential race, like wisconsin, virginia, ohio, pennsylvania, and florida, and democrats also came out on top in the senate races in states that mitt romney won, like missouri and indiana. a different story in texas. ted cruz was elected to the u.s. senate. he's the first hispanic politician to represent the state of texas in the u.s. senate ever. he was backed by the tea party and seen by many as a rising star in the republican party. there are two senate races that are still too close to call in north dakota and montana, but winning those would not be enough to tip the balance of power in favor of republicans in the senate. although at the state level, republicans did pick up a governorship, that was p north carolina. there are now at least 30 states with republican governors and there is a good stat in today's "washington post" that says no republican governor has lost reelection in
. the bribe was jerry brown waving $250 in front of college students saying this will be your rebate if you help me pass prop 30. the extortion was your tuition will increase if prop 30 fails. so look, this is a page out of the playbook in california. that is using students, both k through 12 and college students as human shields to get tax increases. what we need to do on our side for those of us who are fiscal conservatives, is really convince voters, connect the dots that the higher taxes are going to result in much higher unemployment. we saw a modest decrease in unemployment. we're now down to 10.1. but that's still way above the national average. the big story in california is the part-time employment. >> steve: i get why the students voted for it, 'cause they got some stuff. and we all love free stuff. john, you say california really a ticking time bomb. we're short on time. you still have $200 billion of pension unfunded liabilities out there. >> yes. unfunded pension liabilities and total debt, including general obligation, bonds, revenue bonds, about a trillion dollars. i mean, th
of a charlie brown moment, if you ask me. right in the back of his own linemen. fumbles. patriots pick it up. gallon lop in for the score. that was really just the beginning, ensuing kickoff, joe mcknight coughs it up. right into his hands. he scores. telthree patriots touchdowns. they scored 108 in the last two weeks. very eventful day in the nfl. >> well, nine-year-old utah girl has become an internet sensation for her football skills. samantha gordon goes by sam. she has a 25 touchdown, 65 tookles and nearly 2,000 rushing yards. now she can add this to her resume. her picture on the wheaties box. the first female football player to be on the box. she shared the secret to her skills on "fox & friends" earlier this month. >> i basically run as fast as i can and try to dodge the people. >> it's a very simple policy she has. the cereal box was custom made for her but it won't be sold in stores, unfortunately. >> thank you. >> black friday, and stores have been stocking up on big deals for months to get ready for black friday. i wanted to show you some of the year's hottest items and gadgets a
to look at the votes. maybe we could ask the brown room. i bet she has the votes. >> brian: don't say brain room do this. and go on line and make the request like everybody else. none of the short cuts. >> gretchen: we should say that the brain room are the intelligent people who work here in fox news and do research. >> brian: you can expedite the request. >> steve: hope they're watching our channel. >> gretchen: in the meantime yasser arafat poisoned. palestinian authorities think so . so why you were sleepping they open up the grave and took samples of his remain under the cover of few sheets. there is persistant speculation in the last eight years that israel poisoned the 75 year old leadership . israel denies the claim. spoonful of medicine washed down by grapefruit juice could kill you . the list is growing from 17 to 43. on it lipitor. the problem chemical in grapefruit that messes up how your body breaks down drugs. it could basically cause a drug overdose. >> record powerball jackpot could get bigger. there is a frenzy of ticket sales since sunday and lottery officials are bo
, this is loosey charlie brown and the football, kick the can down the road and the wimpy plan all rolled into one. you remember wimpy, popeye's friend, i'll gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today, and obama would gladly agree to spending cuts later for tax increases now. republicans have been rolling over on these kinds of deals since as long as i've been able to remember. since i was in garanimals with reagan and tip o'neill and the democrats then were promising spending cuts that never came, through george bush and george mitchell who came away from a similar deal with a big smirk on his face and no spending cuts. i think it's about time republicans stop rolling over and falling for these deals. please, because why do we have a republican party if they don't say no? >> steve: sure. and we've been talking about how the atmosphere on capitol hill officially with the big negotiators has been kind of gloomy. politico, the lefty blog, says that inside the talks with the people who are doing a lot of talks, contours of a deal including the size of tax hikes and spending cuts, it will contain ar
-thirds of british millionaires vanished after u.k. prime minister gordon brown pushed a 50% top rate income tax before the last general election. now american citizens making $250,000 or more face the threat of potential tax increases if republicans cave into democrat demands to soak the rich. will we see a millionaire exodus as well? stuart varney is here. he's fired up this morning. he already warned me. it's friday. fired up friday for stu what do you think? >> yes, you will see an exodus of millionaires in america if they do the same. you have seen it in california. taxes are way up. seeing it in france, they've got a 75% rate for millionaires. people adjust their behavior. they either leave report their income, shift their income, or lose their jobs and inn a lousy economy. one of those three things happen you and don't get all the money you thought you were going to get when you jack up the tax rate. >> gretchen: that is such the important point. >> yes, it is. >> gretchen: because people think, oh, all this revenue is
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)